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Child Sex Abuse

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Post Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:00 pm
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Quantum wrote:
Child sex abusers shoold have the right to mary

Do you think Mary would agree to that?

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Post Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:15 am
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so cardinal pell is sitting in jail for kiddie fiddling and his appeal is underway.

pell’s defence lawyer, told the sentencing hearing that his client’s appeal would be based on three key grounds: unreasonableness, the prohibition of video evidence in the closing address, and composition of the jury.

Experts stated that while the latter two appeared flimsy, an appeal on the basis of unreasonableness may have a high chance of success. This argument says the jury delivered a verdict that was not supported by the evidence.

University of Melbourne law school’s criminal appeals and procedure expert, Professor Gans, said this was a commonly used grounds for appeal.

“Prosecutors would be completely prepared for an appeal based on this,” he said.

And it’s not a rare grounds to succeed on. This is the defence’s best shot and carries a bonus for them in that if they win there can almost certainly be no new trial. Because once a court decides a guilty verdict is unreasonable it means they don’t think guilty should be the verdict in the next trial either. They would almost certainly acquit. Basically on this grounds of appeal, the court gets to decide if the jury got it right.”

The final grounds of appeal on is the composition of the jury. Gans said this could mean several things. As an example, defence lawyers may have learned that a juror knew one of the victim’s family members, or that a juror had been sexually assaulted and therefore held a prejudiced view.

Gans believes there is a good chance the appeal will succeed for several reasons, among them that there was only one key prosecution witness, and the second victim denied being assaulted before he died.

Richter was condemned after describing Pell’s oral rape of one victim as a “plain vanilla sexual penetration case” and on the “lower end” of offending.

But a defence barrister in Melbourne, who declined to be named, said Richter was well-respected and well-liked in defence circles and would likely be granted leave to appeal on behalf of Pell.

'Love him or loathe him, Pell's always been a son of Ballarat'

However, he said Richter was less experienced in historical sexual penetration cases. He was instead renowned for his rigorous uncovering of evidence and successfully representing high-profile gangland figures.


Disgraced Cardinal Pell investigated over letter from jail

Authorities are investigating whether the letter, dated Aug. 1 and spread on Twitter, breaches rules forbidding prisoners from posting on social media or using the internet, or asking others to post on their behalf.

The letter was posted on Friday night by a Twitter account called "Cardinal George Pell Supporters." A spokeswoman from the Department of Justice of Victoria state, where Pell is in prison, said the letter was being investigated.

"The department will thoroughly investigate this social media activity," the spokesperson said. "Any prisoner found to be contravening prison regulations faces disciplinary action."

The spokeswoman did not confirm whether the letter was written by Pell.

Pell was found to have raped a 13-year-old choirboy and sexually molested his friend in the sacristy of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne in 1996 when he was newly installed as the city's Archbishop. He molested the first boy again about a month later.

In March, he was sentenced to serve at least three years and eight months in jail.

Pell has appealed against the conviction, and is awaiting a ruling of the Court of Appeal following a two-day hearing.
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Post Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:06 pm
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The legal system can't be so bent as to overturn the jurors verdict. Even if it was only a "vanilla" case of child molestation.

I wonder what other flavours they have for paedophilia.

Post Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:36 am
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update at wednesday august 21st:

Convicted paedophile George Pell will serve out his prison term after Victoria’s highest court rejected his appeal on Wednesday, in a 2-1 ruling.

The Court of Appeal upheld the verdicts of the County Court jury that found Pell guilty on five child sex abuse charges last December.

Pell may continue his legal fight. His lawyers could now take his appeal to the High Court in a final bid to have the cardinal’s convictions quashed.

President of the Victorian Bar Council, Matt Collins QC, says Pell has 28 days to seek special leave to appeal in the High Court.

"He has 28 days in which to file the documents seeking special leave to appeal. But the High Court doesn't hear every matter referred to it," he told radio station 3AW.

Pell – who was Vatican treasurer, a confidant of the Pope and the most senior Catholic figure in the world to be charged by police with child sex offences, was jailed for six years in March.

The verdicts were the most sensational since the Catholic Church became engulfed in worldwide abuse scandals.
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