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Post Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:47 pm
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This area is for general discussion and its global. Issues of the day etc. Well there arent really any rules. Common sense prevails. If you are far too abusive and you dont address the topic @ all I will move your message to the spam area. If you want to continue your argument there go ahead. If you spam over-the-top like post after post of same copy/paste you also will be moved to the spam section.

I do support free speech but the forums need to be on topic to continue properly. You wont be censured but you will be moved if its too bad. There is a lot of leeway - dont abuse this.

Also the only things that WILL be deleted are things that violate american or australian laws. The server is in america and the forum is run from australia so well have to watch those 2 countries laws.

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