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Post Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:43 am
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The Borg
The Borg

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Slogan: You may be Assimilated

#1 on the BORG Hit Parade: We all sleep in a single subroutine.

Assimilate me tender - Elvis of Borg.

Blonde Borgs have the same fun.

Borg Mail Reader v2.1a. Tagline theft is futile.

Borg Mail Reader v2.1a. Taglines are irrelevant.

Borg Moderator - Your topic is irrelevant.

Borg Starter Kit: some assimilation required.

Borg saying: We came. We absorbed. We left.

Borg spreadsheet program: Locutus 1-2-3.

Borg virus detected. (A)ssimilate? (Y/y)

My other computer is a Borg.

GOTO, GOING TO, GONE TO - Borg subroutines.

Gates of Borg: OEMs will be assimilated.

McBorgers: Over 50 million assimilated.

Borg-Cola: Not the choice of The Next Generation.

Borg-again Christian. Resistance to my sermon is futile.

Yeah i found them somewhere . . . .

Image . . "Cry MEOW! And eat the butterflies of war!"

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