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The Tariangs of Meghalaya - Aunty Meera's Trunks

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Aunty Meera's Trunks

The current Tariang house is mansionesque in size. But unlike western homes of comparable stateliness, the many rooms of the sprawling building have a practical purpose and ostentation is absent. One function of many rooms is temporary or permanent accommodation for family members. The Tariangs are a big family (a typical family gathering will draw up to 200 guests).

Annie's Aunty Meera was one permanent resident of the house. Aunty Meera had disappeared to India for many years until she returned to Shillong from Calcutta considerably wealthier than she was when she had left. One sure path to wealth is to exercise extreme selfishness and this seems to have been Meera's approach to wealth accumulation. Meera's greed was very evident in her consumption of food. From her waking moments to her bedtime, she would constantly force food in her mouth. Unsurprisingly, she was very, very fat.

One instance of Meera's selfishness concerns her birthday preparations. Annie was teaching at one of the family schools but despite the long and tiring days, she had agreed to comply with Meera's orders to fetch supplies for the celebration. Demands from Meera were not unusual. Annie was often expected to wait on her hand and foot and to do her every bidding. Despite the fact that Meera had little to do besides stuff her face, Annie fetched the birthday supplies after a tiring day at work, still dressed in her traditional finery (called a jainsem) which she always diligently wore to class.

A Shillong Market

Annie purchased a pig's head, beef, goat meat, grams, fruits and a cake. She had to carry it all home on foot then return to the markets to buy drinks. All purchases were made from her own pocket. In a rare show of gratitude, Meera gave Annie a hair dryer. One week later, Meera told her that she hoped that Annie had enjoyed the use of her hair dryer and that she would very much like it back, thankyou.

One feature of the Tariang household is the sharing. Everybody’s bedroom is left wide open and all may borrow clothes or items without asking for permission. They may even take food as every room has a little refrigerator. Annie's refrigerator typically had smoked beef, canned fish, lemon juice, coca cola, butter, beer and chocolate. Meera's room, however, was always out of bounds. Although one could see inside, one must not enter.

A Trunk

A glance into Meera's room would strike the observer with one stunning impression: trunks. Dozens of trunks were stacked up to the ceiling. There was no furniture except for a bed which itself was inside one of the largest trunks one can imagine. When Annie first described her Aunty as living in a box, I was bemused but it seems that Meera quite literally spends most of her time in bed – inside a trunk. Nobody knows what is inside all the other trunks but the Tariangs speculate of all manner of unusual things. Whatever may be the puzzling source of Meera’s fabulous wealth, the answer lies inside the mysterious trunks.

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Hyperion wrote:

excellent read.
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This story is very good.

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So, what WAS in those trunks? If you don't tell me, it will not be good for you.

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