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Post Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:46 am
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Hector wrote:
There is no plane there.

Yes, which is why sections ofthe nose cone, the forward landing gear, both engine's turbine cores, the cockpit voice and flight data recorders, an entire seat, luggage, and part of one of the hijacker's drivers license were recovered from the impact area. Nope, no evidence of an aircraft at all, no sirree...

Also, as a matter of fact, aircraft can and do disintegrate in high speed impacts like that all the damn time. The following is crash test of an F-4 hitting a concrete wall at 800kph.


Notice how the aircraft pretty much shredded itself into a whole mess of tiny fragments? That's a relatively small fighter aircraft. Now imagine an aircraft several times the mass of that with a large amount of fuel aboard impacting a series of walls much thicker then that in the video. There isn't going to be much left of the aircraft.
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