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Post Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:54 am
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Hector wrote:
1) What war?

Not sure what context you are asking about, can you be more clear please

Hector wrote:
2) It is not Israeli land.

Actually, it is. More, it has NEVER been Palestinian land, before it was Israel land (starting in 1947) , it was British land (from end of WW1 to 1947) and before that, it was the Ottoman Empire (which dates back to the 1400s).

Hector wrote:
Where are the Palestinians supposed to go?

How about back to the countries they were citizens of the day before "Palestinians" was made up as a cover for Arab efforts of genocide of the Jews. After all, they went to bed Jordanians, Syrians and Egyptians, and woke up with the made up name "Palestinians", despite there NEVER being a Palestinian people at least well before the 1400s.

Hector wrote:
3) They do that AFTER the bulldozers come - provoking

And the bulldozers show up after those in the house support suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism, nice of you to overlook that aspect though.

Hector wrote:
4) What Israel does is beyond "defence" its like they are trying to commit genocide

What Israel does is show a restraint that is beyond comprehension. Had the US suffered what Israel does, JUST ONCE we would have marched our entire military in to root out the terrorists, so you will find ZERO sympathy from me for the "Palestinians" who launch constant terrorist attacks on Israel in an effort to further their genocidal mandate.
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Post Fri Aug 16, 2019 7:53 am
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one of the important but under reported issues in the region is water. in this case, it's sort of like who does the controlling upriver.

there has always had a scarcity of water. The israel national water carrier has made possible a high population density and standard of living. the carrier pumps water from the sea of galilee and carries it to areas in the center and south of israel as well as for palestinian areas. it delivers an insufficient volume of water. the aquifers that supply israel's central area lie in the west bank. the jordan river flows through a territory that would be part of palestine. everyone needs water for survival and development, and want to ensure an adequate water supply from the limited resources available. however, israel has reserved a large percentage of the water in west bank aquifers for it's own use at the expense of the palestinians.

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