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Cats killing billions of animals in the US

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Spot of Borg wrote:
Sorry brendiggg but aboriginals ate kats in the desert. Its in their lore. There used to be links to it but i cant find them now. I will look in the old forum because im pretty sure i linked to it all there long ago.

I'll bet you a keg that the first kat to set foot in Oz came with a European.

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Its all gone. Seriously there were articles telling how kats are in aboriginal lore. How they hunted them in the desert and ate them. If its not true then why censor the articles away?

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I actually think that the cats are doing more good than harm. In many areas, the natural predators that used to exist, no longer do, and cats have taken their places, more so in the city then in the rural areas. The downside, IMO, is lack of shots etc, leading to the possibility of bad disease outbreaks.

I agree with how extreme of killers the cats are though, as I have seen them kill birds, rabbits and just about every other small animal that exists in our local area.

Like Grandma pointed out, I think removing the cats will not solve the issue, and could even make things worse.

Still, there is a real population issue with wild cats, as it doesnt take long for a handful to lead to high numbers that can overwhelm the local wildlife population.

There have been massive efforts to spay and neuter as many wild cats as possible.
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Let's resume...
We have us...humans...responsible for the extermination of hunderds if not thousands of species of animals, and still are by destroying their natural environments, hunting them or just killing them for fun or profit.

And now some idiot writes an article about cats catching a mouse or on occasion a bird...??? guys can discuss this's fun reading.

lol@Cats are one of the top threats to US wildlife

That's a good one...more?


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